Source code algooritma boyer moore C++

# include <limits.h>
# include <string.h>
# include <stdio.h>

# define NO_OF_CHARS 256

// A utility function to get maximum of two integers
int max (int a, int b) { return (a > b)? a: b; }

// The preprocessing function for Boyer Moore's bad character heuristic
void badCharHeuristic( char *str, int size, int badchar[NO_OF_CHARS])
    int i;

    // Initialize all occurrences as -1
    for (i = 0; i < NO_OF_CHARS; i++)
         badchar[i] = -1;

    // Fill the actual value of last occurrence of a character
    for (i = 0; i < size; i++)
         badchar[(int) str[i]] = i;

/* A pattern searching function that uses Bad Character Heuristic of
   Boyer Moore Algorithm */
void search( char *txt,  char *pat)
    int m = strlen(pat);
    int n = strlen(txt);

    int badchar[NO_OF_CHARS];

    /* Fill the bad character array by calling the preprocessing
       function badCharHeuristic() for given pattern */
    badCharHeuristic(pat, m, badchar);

    int s = 0;  // s is shift of the pattern with respect to text
    while(s <= (n - m))
        int j = m-1;

        /* Keep reducing index j of pattern while characters of
           pattern and text are matching at this shift s */
        while(j >= 0 && pat[j] == txt[s+j])

        /* If the pattern is present at current shift, then index j
           will become -1 after the above loop */
        if (j < 0)
            printf("\n pattern occurs at shift = %d", s);

            /* Shift the pattern so that the next character in text
               aligns with the last occurrence of it in pattern.
               The condition s+m < n is necessary for the case when
               pattern occurs at the end of text */
            s += (s+m < n)? m-badchar[txt[s+m]] : 1;


            /* Shift the pattern so that the bad character in text
               aligns with the last occurrence of it in pattern. The
               max function is used to make sure that we get a positive
               shift. We may get a negative shift if the last occurrence
               of bad character in pattern is on the right side of the
               current character. */
            s += max(1, j - badchar[txt[s+j]]);

/* Driver program to test above funtion */
int main()
    char txt[] = "ABAAABCD";
    char pat[] = "ABC";
    search(txt, pat);
    return 0;

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