Changing tracks Song tutorial pes 2016

Goodnight Lovers PES wherever the player is ... after yesterday's post about tutorial replacing the start menu, just now I also find any method of changing tracks tutorial pes 2016 is somewhat similar to PES 2015 but slightly different. This is my own method using the existing tools, perhaps pes lovers have better methods can be shared here gan :). okay just to gan combat equipment.
1. Direct Download Pack here gan Fittings
2. Added new tool (PESSound15)
3. Song Code
The first step
Packed Cri Open File and then drag the file to the Application dt40_all.cpk Cri packed earlier. Then click the button top right to extract process. save the place as you wish. create a new folder and click OK.
Step two
Now open the PES Sound Converter. Determine the conversion of MP3 into WAV. prepare a song to be used as many as 13 songs. Then click Next, wait until the process is complete.
Third step
Open Applications PESSound15. Click File OPEN, open the file dt40_all.cpk. Select BGM_P2P, and next up will be performing the song code. click one time to listen to the song. To know what codes the song title song list can download the code here. Then click Import, find the song WAV format conversion results earlier.
Step four
If the notification appears like the above picture just click YES. If a song has been heard and agan dressing in accordance with the song selection agan, do not forget to click the SAVE button. do it as a song that would agan dressing. Remember ya ... one by one.
Then click the Extract button to AWB. specify the output folder. click SAVE.
Fifth step
The result will be OOR.awb. then RENAME be BGM_P2P.awb. After rename copy to Folder PES MUSIC - common - sound - menu - awb. Replace existing data.
Step six
Next just rename Artist and song title alone. Remember not to change the slightest punctuation mark on the notepad. just replace parts artist and song title. if you already do not forget to click SAVE.
Step seven
Go back Cri Packed File. Drag PES Music folder into the Application. then click the Build button CPK and then click Start to Build. wait until the process is complete.
Step eight

Rename the file that we created earlier into dt40_all.cpk. then copy and replace in the data folder of PES 2016.

* NOTE: I have not tried using dpfilelist generator. for this experiment I immediately mereplace original data that already exists. Sidah original data backed up before making modifications. If anyone managed to use dpfilelist generator could be shared here.
Okay maybe enough to reach here, sorry if a lot of words and sentences that are difficult to understand. If you're having trouble can ask in the comments or contact to facebook. Thank you ... Regards Creativity ...

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